School Uniform



The Welsh Government strongly encourages governing bodies to have a school uniform policy. This policy has been devised in consultation with pupils, staff and parents which include parents from a range of relevant local and faith groups. It takes account of the Welsh Government Circular 015/11 Guidance for governing bodies on school uniform and appearance policies and the Equality Act 2010 and religious clothing guidance. (see section below ‘Religious Clothing Summary’)

We believe that a school uniform is important:

• provide a sense of identity and cohesion within the school and instils pride in its achievements;

• can support positive behaviour and school discipline;

• can ensure pupils dress appropriately for learning activity;

• can remove peer pressure to dress in ‘designer’ fashions;

• can enable pupils of all backgrounds to share in a common identity which embraces their particular requirements;

• can help reduce inequalities between pupils

• can assist identification of strangers on school premises; and

• it can support and promote the ethos of the school.

• it looks smart We have a school uniform which, though not compulsory, is encouraged.


School Uniform Ordering Information.

We have made some changes to improve the system for supplying school uniform.

Please follow the link, or click the picture below.

This will take you directly to the Portfield School uniform ordering page.


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Alternatively, you can collect an order form from school (or by clicking hereand order by post.


School Trends

10 Carley Drive


Sheffield S20 8NQ


There are no minimum order quantities and your uniform will be delivered directly to your chosen address. As well as our approved decorated school uniform, you are also able to order plain items such as trousers, skirts and shirts.

Other ordering information including sizes, delivery information and the returns procedure is also available online.

We hope you will find using this new service an improvement in our school uniform supply.


Re-cycled uniform may be purchased from Portfield School Charity Shop(Subject to availability)


We encourage all pupils in the Primary and Secondary sector to wear school uniform. Portfield School Council consulted pupils with respect to Sixth Mission Statement 4 Form uniform and has introduced black sweatshirts and white polo shirt with Portfield School logo for pupils aged 16-19.

We would like children to wear suitable low heeled shoes to school. School uniform grants may be available from Pembrokeshire County Council for those children in Yr 7 and above.

Other items of clothing we encourage are black/navy trousers/skirts. PE kit is also required and includes blue logo t-shirt and navy/black shorts.

Occasionally children lose or misplace articles of clothing so please help us to find them by marking all garments with your child’s name.

We ask that all children wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school. However school uniform is not compulsory.


Our school uniform is as follows:


For images of school uniforms click here.


Boys at Portfield


Navy sweatshirt with Portfield logo

Red polo shirt with Portfield logo

Navy/black Trousers

Pale Blue Polo neck T-Shirt for Sports

For Summer wear – Black/navy shorts


Girls at Portfield

Navy sweatshirt with Portfield logo

Red polo shirt with Portfield logo

Navy/black skirt/trousers

Pale Blue Polo neck T-Shirt for Sports

For Summer wear – Blue gingham dress


Sixth Form at Portfield (16-19 year olds)

Black sweatshirt with Portfield logo

White polo shirt with Portfield logo

Pale Blue Polo neck T-Shirt for Sports

Navy/black skirt/trousers


Boys & Girls at Y Porth

Maroon sweatshirt with Portfield Logo/Ysgol Preseli logo

White polo shirts with Portfield Logo/Ysgol Preseli logo

Black trousers/skirts

PE Kit Ysgol Preseli Maroon Rugby Shirt


Sixth Form at Y Porth

Black sweatshirt with Portfield Logo/Ysgol Preseli logo

White polo shirts with Portfield Logo/Ysgol Preseli logo

Black trousers/skirts


Boys & Girls at Tasker Milward Satellite

White polo shirt with Portfield/Taskers logo

White shirt with tie and Taskers green blazer

Bottle green Taskers jumper

Black trousers, black skirt

Pupils can wear the red polo shirts (Portfield or Taskers) until July 2017 however will need to change to the white shirt from September 2017.

PE Kit Taskers Rugby Shirt & Black Shorts/Joggers

(depending on year group, please ask class teacher)


Pupils accessing Tasker Milward Comprehensive school for inclusion lessons are required to wear Tasker Milward sweatshirt and if taking part in PE Tasker Milward PE kit. Pupils can wear either Taskers or Portfield uniform to Portfield School.

All children will need a P.E. bag containing shorts, T- shirt and trainers, and for swimming a bathing costume, swimming hat and towel. The swimming hat helps to keep long hair drier and avoids hair affecting the balance of the learner swimmer in the water. Children will not be allowed to participate unless properly dressed.

Where pupils participate in football additional kit requirements for lessons will be given to pupils such as football boots, shin pads and long socks. The school keeps a stock of Portfield football kit for competition use.

The school has a second hand uniform scheme which sells sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleeces as well PE kit. The school considers the cost implication of uniform and hence maintains a regular review of its provider and only stipulates basic items Information is provided to parents on the Local authority uniform grant assistance scheme for low income families.

The Governors and Staff hope that parents will support the ‘ethos’ of the school by sending their children in agreed school dress.

Other appearance considerations:

*Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc. should be fairly simple and if possible in school colours. 

*Parents are asked to ensure that all items are labelled clearly with their child’s name. 

*For safety reasons we ask that the children do not wear jewellery in school. If earrings are to be worn then they must be studs. Pupils will be asked to remove these or have them covered with tape for PE sessions. 

*Footwear should be low heeled for girls and of suitable material for the weather conditions. Flip flops are not appropriate for school wear.



Complaints about school uniform (or dress) and appearance codes/policies should

be dealt with in accordance with the governing body’s complaints procedure.


Religious Clothing Summary



In general there are no religious requirements for everyday dress for Buddhists.



For the majority of Christians there are no particular dress requirements. In some Christian sects such as the Plymouth Brethren women and girls are expected to wear headscarves and modest clothing.



In general it is not considered acceptable for a Hindu woman to have uncovered legs.



Young women beyond puberty may wish to wear certain types of clothing for reasons of modesty. Some young women may choose to wear a salwar kameez (loose trousers tapered at the ankle and a sleeveless smock like dress), or a jilbaab (a long shapeless dress ending at the ankle) and a headscarf without the need to wear a niqaab. Men are expected to be covered from waist to knee in public places. Many Muslim men also choose to wear a cap but this is not a compulsory religious requirement.



Dress requirements vary with orthodoxy. For more orthodox Jews women and girls are expected to keep the body covered and married women cover their hair. Boys and men often wear a skullcap. Rastafarian Rastafarian woman dress modestly. There is a taboo on wearing second hand clothing, children may not be willing to wear borrowed clothing for PE, etc.



In general modest dress is a requirement. All initiated Sikhs wear the five ‘K’ symbols as a sign of their initiation, generally at puberty, into the Sikh community. Male Sikhs wear a turban, the removal of which is unacceptable in their religion, and grow a beard. The five ‘K’ symbols are: ‘kesh’ (long hair which is not cut); ‘kara’ (a steel bracelet); ‘kirpan’ (a small sword); ‘kangha’ (a wooden comb); and ‘kach’ (long underpants).