Keystage 2 and 3

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The National Geographic Website

Please take a look at The National Geographic Website – there are lots of games, videos, and ways that you can explore and learn about animals

in the world.

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Welsh speaker S4C lots of useful items


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Links from Pembrokeshire Music Services

Pembrokeshire Music Service have sent us a link to music resources that they have developed. 

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Home and classroom learning resources for the week ahead

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Explanation of corona virus

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Sports for Pembrokeshire

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Mazaam – The Musical Genius

Mazaam offers its edutainment application for free to help parents of children between 4 and 6 years old who are now confined at home.
In the current context, where many parents of young children must reconcile working from home and taking care of their children, Mazaam wishes to help alleviate this challenge by offering full and free access to its mobile app on iOS (and at a price of £0.69 on Android, the regular price is £4.99 ) until April 12, 2020.

Click on the links below to download the app on mobile or tablet:

The Mazaam app is a suite of games designed to hone auditory perception, improve concentration, logical reasoning and abstract thought, and stimulate auditory memory. The set of actions within the app aims to stimulate children’s interest in music while supporting their development and children will have fun playing those games.
The Mazaam app, developed by Analekta, the foremost classical music label in Canada, is based on the research and the work of the Canada Research Chair in Music and Learning, spearheaded by professor Jonathan Bolduc. “On the educational level, nothing was left to chance,” Professor Bolduc stated. “The application supports preschoolers’ musical development through age appropriate challenges”.

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Gina Davies Autism Centre

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{Lots of fun and educational material}

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Get creative!

Directions for the Book in a Box Project/story box:

  1. Choose a book and have fun reading it.
  2. Find a box approximately the size of a shoebox.
  3. Setting: Paint or colour the inside of the box so that it represents the setting of the book.
  4. Main Character: Put in threeobjects that represent the main character:
    1. to relate to his/her personality,
    2. what he/she likes to do,
    3. what he/she looks like.
  5. The plot:Put in five objects that represent what happened throughout the plot.
  6. The Main Problem:Put in one object that represents the central problem in the book.
  7. The Solution:Put in one object that represents the solution to the problem.
  8. Once you have decided on your objects, write, in your neatest handwriting, a list of each object in the box and then a clear explanation of why you put each in there. (What it represents)

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