Keystage 4 & 5 Music

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KS4 and 5 New Music Activity

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Reading Notation

Warm up

Can you sing along with this warm up?….

If you don’t want to sing, you can do this bending and stretching warm up:



Can you think of your own words to say while you clap 8 beats?

  • On a piece of paper, draw a table like the one below.
  • Write the word you think of in the boxes.
  • You don’t have to write a word for every clap.
  • You could get someone to help make the table and help you say the words while you clap if you like.


If that was easy, can you make your own pattern of words and claps using another table like the one below?

You don’t have to put a word on every clap.







Can you draw your own rhythm on a piece of paper?


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