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If you can sign up at home, this website is great:

{Please click above to go there}


Click on Home School Free Signup button.

Register as a new user, or log in if you’ve already created a new account.


This week’s guided activity:

Recap what we did last week: Take pupils on a sound walk around the house or outside. If you have a picture book at home that makes noises you can use this instead of the website. This week is all about further identifying noises and hearing new ones.

How to get there:

On the website above, click: ‘Early Years Home School’, then click ‘Which picture’.

Wait for the box at the bottom of the page to load and when it does press ‘play’.


This week, we have to pick which animal/instrument etc is creating the sound.

After the sound has played, click or press on the correct picture. Help pupils reach for the picture if they can’t themselves, and say the correct word with or for them.

If possible, maybe they can imitate the sound, and pretend to play the instrument or be the source of the noise.

For some pupils, just enjoying the sound that the website makes will be enjoyable. If they manage to identify the sound, do a dance with them!

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