Foundation/PMLD Music Video

{The video lesson link can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of this page}

Uploading photos of your child doing the activities 


Sharing the hard work you have been doing at home with your teacher:

If you would like to take photos of your child doing the activities set out by your teacher, or if you want to take a photos of the finished product of work, you can upload these to your child’s personal J2e folder.

The guide below shows you how you can do this….


{Click above to view the full guide}



To view the video, please first log in to HWB by clicking the link below (opens in a new tab)

You will see the following screen:

Please click on HWB as shown above and then enter in your child’s username and password.

After signing in to HWB, you can then come back to this tab and view the video by clicking below:

Music Foundation/PMLD Video Lesson – ‘Songs To Move’