Portfield School’s Charity Shop


We are delighted to share with you ‘Trysorau’ our Friends of Portfield School charity shop at 2 Old Bridge, Haverfordwest.

We wish to inform you that Trysorau Charity Shop now has a landline phone number.

Should you wish to contact us at the shop, please ring 01437 766503.

Shop Front elevation ‘Trysorau' 2, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest.
Shop Front elevation ‘Trysorau’ 2, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest.

In December 2016 Friends of Portfield School opened the doors to their very own charity shop, Trysorau. The pupils have been very much involved in the whole process from choosing the name to assisting with the design of the shop. The shop provides pupils with work experience and opportunities to meet, socialise and develop their skills to be more able to access the job market. The pupils are gaining real life experiences, handling money, customer service, organisational skills, creative skills, team work and housekeeping.  The impact on this has increased their confidence and given them valuable transferable skills.

Not only are the pupils of Portfield  benefiting, we provide older people within the community and the parents/carers of our pupils the opportunity to volunteer in the shop, which has been a huge help and has enabled us to extend our opening hours.

We were fortunate to secure £4,208 from the Caring Communities Innovation Grant which has been used to cover the start-up costs, and due to the generosity of the community with donations, we are able to continue to keep the shop open and continue the fantastic work experience for our pupils, staff, parents, carers and older people in our community.

If you are interested in volunteering then please contact the school on 01437 762701.

Donations can be dropped off at Portfield School or the shop.

For more information on The Friends of Portfield School and any events please click here


Our opening times are as follows:


Normal Term Time openings:


Monday   →→→→→Closed

Tuesday  →→→→→Closed

Wednesday→→→→10am to 2.15pm

Thursday→→→→→10am to 2.15pm

Friday  →→→→→→10am to 2.15pm

Saturday →→→→→10am to 4pm

(Opening & closing times subject to change).


School Holiday Opening Times:


Monday   →→→→→10am to 4pm

Tuesday  →→→→→10am to 4pm

Wednesday→→→→10am to 4pm

Thursday→→→→→10am to 4pm

Friday  →→→→→→10am to 4pm

Saturday →→→→→10am to 4pm

Sunday →→→→→→Closed


Take a look at some of our photos….


Welcome To Trysorau





Special Offers Galore!


Portfield Pupils Labelling and Tagging making items ready for sale



Hanging up ready!


Preparations for sale


Great Deals!




Nicely packed and ready to go!


Check out our fashion lines:

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