Tech Team

Portfield School ‘Tech Team’


Who are we and what do we do?


We are a team of 4 pupils who deliver talks, give advice, visual materials and activities for the classes and students on e-Safety keeping everyone safe online.


The Tech Team were awarded highly for their ‘Internet Safety Day Logo’ competition. The Teach Team reached the top 5 in Wales and received their award at the Senedd in Cardiff.


Take a look at the photo of us proudly receiving our award:



teach team senedd
Portfield School Tech Team went to the Senedd as finalists in the Safer Internet logo competition on February 7th 2017. The four pupils developed designs for the competition and a logo for their Tech Team. They are also supporting fellow pupils and staff to use a range of technology. Well done to you all.





Tech Team e-Safety Videos


Introductory ‘Tech Team’ Video:


Introductory ‘Tech Team’ Video:


Social Media Safety Video:




Tech Team Meeting Minutes

Check back here regularly for updates….









To Do…. 

26/02/18  Mrs Whitby

Mrs Ball

Miss Phillips





Catch up on what the Tech Team have done.

Video submitted for safer internet day.

Animations created with Mrs Whitby during options to be sent off for competition.

Discussed parent involvement and how to get the parents in for an ‘Online safety Day’.

Kahoots to be created by the pupils.

Kahoot to be used in classes and for parents.
5/03/18  Miss Phillips

Mrs Warr





Created a team Kahoot account.

Added all pupils to the ‘Teams’ app and put them on the Tech iPads.

Gave log in details for Kahoot.

Discussed assignment.

Discussed images to use from Pixabay.

Demonstrated how to download from FE.

TM/JM  – 5 questions.

CS/FG  – 5 questions


12/3/18  Mrs Whitby

Mrs Phillips





Meeting with FG and CS to support finishing the 5 questions left on the Kahoot.

TM and JM completed their questions.

Girls completed the Kahoot and added the pictures from FE.

All pupils to use the Kahoot in own class first this week then go to other classes.
26/3/18  Mrs Phillips



Discussed the Kahoot and that the team are now to use this in other classes. Miss Phillips will help arrange time slots for the pupils to be released.

Discussed Shadow Puppet for next term. Quick demonstration.

Kahoots to be used in other classes.

1 class each









Action Plan


4/05/17 ♦ Make sticker templatefor awards. Make question sheet on pic collage. iPads, Laptop, Publisher, Pic Collage.
30/03/17 ♦ Research for parent leaflet. Find websites, links videos and make QR codes and put them in your own space on Onenote in Class Notes. iPads, internet, Onenote .
16/03/17 TB/SD to continue with gathering QR codes for the useful links poster to go into classes.

♦ ET/FG to continue with the helpful tips for parents leaflet. Both need to use a PC in class. Use Publisher or Word.

PC Publisher/Word

QR maker/ scanner

03/03/2017 ♦ E-Safety leaflet for parents.

♦ One for lower school.

♦ One for upper.

♦ FG and ET collaborate on lower school.

♦ TT and SD collaborate on upper school.

♦ Poster for class to be made on useful links for the pupils to look at. QR code them.

♦ All and TT to collaborate on this.

10/02/2017 ♦ Assembly in upper school. Tech Team to display posters from the competition and hand out awards.

♦ TT to show their iMovie from Cardiff.

02/02/2017 ♦ Photos/videos to be taken Tuesday 7th of trip to Cardiff. Prep for a Vlog!!!
20/01/2017 ♦ Tech Team to announce in assembly reaching the final 3 for the logo competition for ‘Safer Internet Day’ on 7/02/17.

♦ Tech Team have been invited to the Senedd for the awards in Cardiff on 7/2/17.

12/01/2017 ♦ Tech Team to produce a flyer for a ‘Poster Competition’ for each class.

♦ Print off and deliver round Upper School and Lower School.

PC Publisher
01/12/2016 ♦ Complete posters and logo.

♦ Design a competition flyer for other classes to do a poster too.

Drawing Desk

Photo editor

20/10/16 ♦ Pupils will use green screen to send safety messages to pupils.

♦ Tip 1: ‘Don’t talk to strangers online’.

♦ Tip 2: ‘always keep your password safe’ etc.

♦ During meeting we will combine clips in movie maker and discuss next steps.

Green screen


17/10/2016 ♦ Green screen has been planned and pupils need to complete the task by 17/11.

♦ Either as one or 2 films ET/FG and TB/SD.

♦ ET will add school logo to e-Safety poster.

♦ Logo app sent to iPads to help create a logo.

Green Screen

Logo maker

Poster my Wall (web)

06/10/2016 ♦ Council to decide on team name.

♦ Look at what badges could be made.

♦ Design a logo on

♦ Drawing Desk.

♦ Use Onenote to take minutes for e-Safety.

♦ Discuss green screen and come up with some ‘news ‘ ideas that can be shared with classes to promote online safety.

♦ Have a go at green screen. Discuss where T2 Green screen can go.



Drawing desk

03/10/2016  Tech Team to design a logo.

♦ Create some posters with important messages on to go round school.

♦ Research and ideas to be put on their tab on Onenote.

Poster my wall (web)





Tech Team Planning



04/05/2017 Team meeting recap on what needs to be done this term. Decided to make a question sheet and sticker awards for the Tech Teach to hand out.

Start in own class then go round the school throughout the week. Document with pictures and put on the e-Safety iPads drive.

30/03/2017 Discussed and looked at poster made for classes. Checked the QR codes.

Planned next steps and delivered the poster to both schools.

Announcement to be made on Hwb.

16/03/2017 Discussed continuing with poster and leaflet.

Adding creative schools videos.

02/03/2017 Discuss the next steps for the Tech Team.

Discussed a poster for the pupils to take home for parents.

Discussed making a useful website poster for each class so pupils can look at themselves on how to stay safe.

07/02/2017 Trip to Cardiff to the Senedd.

Travelled by train at 7am. Walked around the Bay and did some photography and Vlogging.

Entered the Senedd for the presentation and had some lunch.

Tech Teach received an award for a runners-up position.

Mcdonalds on the way home and train journey back.

Well done Team!!

02/02/2017 Meeting to discuss trip to Cardiff on the 7th February.

Clothing is uniform.

Money for snacks and a backpack for iPad and wallet.

7am at Haverfordwest station.

Discussed the logos entered and the photography project.

Shannon, Callum, Charlotte must bring in permission slips.

12/01/2017 Update on logo competition.

Discussed trip to Cardiff on 7th February.

7.20 train.

Senedd in Cardiff by 11.30 am.

Task for Tech Team:

Launch poster competition for all classes.

Launch in assembly. Make flyers with more details about the competition.

Do announcement on Hwb. (With pupil)

Pupils will help classes make password cards for each pupil.

May meet with parents to discuss roll of the Tech Team.

01/12/2016 Pupils worked collaboratively on logos for the e-Safety

competition and LP sent off entries.

Tech Team one has also been designed for the pupils in school.

17/11/2016 Pupils downloaded some e-safety images for the green screen.

Each pupil took turns to say their lines promoting e-safety in school.

The videos are on ET/FG iPad. They will all get together to add the green screen clips into imovie, add music and titles and export to camera roll.

03/11/2016 Discussed what posters were made. SD /TB need to be given more time to make a poster.

All need to come up with logo design.

We have discussed what will be said for the Green Screen Video.

Pupils will complete task during lunch and meet altogether.

20/10/2016 Looked at various websites on e-Safety.

Discussed why is important to stay safe online.

Group have used Onenote really well to communicate and share ideas.

E-Safety Tec Team.

06/10/2016 Spoke about what the council want to be called. ET and FG absent.

Discussed the role a little and that nobody will be putting photos on Facebook or any social networking sites. The council will be advising on what should and shouldn’t be posted.

♦ Set up green screen • in Taskers 2.

♦ Completed a first short clip.