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Digital Resilience

Online Safety…………Cyber Security…………Data Protection

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It’s Internet Safety Week!

Safer Internet Day Tuesday 5th February 2019

Here are some useful links taking you some websites with guidance about online safety.

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Check out this fun web page about online safety!

Wellbeing Techniques
Stop Think Go is a problem solving technique. There are 3 steps.

1) STOP – here you ask yourself “how am I feeling?” Happy, scared, angry or sad. How you feel can make a difference to the choice you make?

2) THINK – here ask yourself “what are my options?” – think about all the different choices you can make; some will have good consequences and some will have less good consequences. (consequence means what may happen – if you stroke a cat the consequence may be it purrs, if you give someone a compliment the consequence may be that they smile)

3) GO – once you’ve thought through the positive and negative consequences of each of your options you can make your choice.

Let’s go through an example:

Imagine someone at school calls you a nasty name.

1) STOP – How do you feel? You might feel hurt, sad, angry, spiteful, tearful, embarrassed.

2) THINK – What are your options?

a) Call them a nasty name back

b) Walk away

c) Go and play something to cheer yourself up

d) Talk to a friend

e) Count to 10 and then say “I don’t like what you just said to me, I feel hurt/angry/sad”

Now think about the positive and negative consequences.

If you call someone a nasty name back, they could call you an even nastier name or something worse, if you walk away they may leave you alone.

3) GO – Which choice has the best possible outcome?

Here is a picture that can help you practise:

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