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Signing Feelings

How do you feel? We all have different feelings – how are you feeling today? How many signs can you do to say how you are feeling? Try and sign your feelings signs through the day, can your family sign their feelings as they are experiencing them? Good luck and keep signing!

Press play on the video below and then double-tap to watch fullscreen.



Washing Your Hands

Miss Daniel is washing her hands. It is really important that your hands are clean and they are washed throughout the day. Make sure you wash your hands before you eat, after you go the toilet, after being outdoors or when you cough and sneeze. Watch Miss Daniel wash her hands – can you copy what Miss Daniel is doing?



Wild Animals Signing!

This week Miss Daniel is signing wild animals that you might find in the zoo. How many of these animals do you recognise? Do you have any animal toys in your house or can you find them in your story books? See how many animal signs you can do and have fun doing the signs when you are playing with your toys or reading your books.


Signing Animals!


Have you been watching the Folly Farm live Web Cams? We have been keeping a close eye on the animals at Folly Farm and we have been enjoying their cheeky ways. Can you help Miss Daniel sign some different animals that you might find at places like Folly Farm? You might also have some of the animals in your house? Can you spot a very special ginger visitor in the video? We think the ginger visitor enjoys watching Miss Daniel signing the different animals!


Keeping Safe in The Sun

The weather is beautiful – we hope that you are all having fun in the sun, but whilst you are in the sun please stay safe. Can you remember what you should be wearing in the sun? Help Miss Daniel to sign what you should be wearing in the sun – how many signs can you and your family use today?

People Who Help Us



 Help Miss Daniel with the signs for the people that help us.

How many signs do you know and how many will you be able to do on your doorstep on Thursday evenings for the NHS?!

Our Loved Ones

We are all missing loved ones at the moment – but hopefully you are using technology to keep in touch. Can you help Miss Daniel with the signs for the loved ones that live in your house and also for the those that you might be contacting on the computer or phone. How many signs can you do today?

Signing ‘Clothes’ 

Good Morning – Can you sign the different clothes that you will be wearing today?

Help Miss Daniel with the signs for the different clothes that you might be wearing when you get dressed in the morning.


Rainbows Rainbows Everywhere

Have you been drawing rainbows? Do you have a rainbow up in your window?

There are lots of rainbows around at the moment.

Can you help Miss Daniel to sign the colours of the rainbow and sing a rainbow?

Snack Time!

Snack time happens every day in Portfield School between 10 and 10:30am.

Maybe today when you are having your snacks you could try signing some of the signs that Miss Daniel is doing?

How many can you remember?

We suspect all of our pupils know the sign for biscuit – ask them and see what they say….
Keep healthy and keep safe and enjoy the video….




Easter Bunny GIFs. 70 Animated Images of Hares for Easter

Hello to all our Portfield pupils and their families. We hope that you had a lovely Easter weekend. We are starting this week with another signing video. Please take a moment to watch the video and try the signs. See how many signs you can do this week and how many can you remember as you move around the house…….. Get signing!

 Easter Bunny GIFs. 70 Animated Images of Hares for Easter

An Easter Message from Miss Daniel:

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