Digital Competency

Portfield School is a Digital Pioneer School. We have been leading the Special Schools Group working with the Welsh Government, along with 12 other schools, Estyn Inspectors and University staff to develop the first part of the new Curriculum for Wales – the Digital Competence Framework – to meet the needs of all children in all schools.
As the use of technology is increasingly important in so many aspects of modern life we need to make sure our children and young people have the skills to use technologies in all the ways they need for learning, leisure and life.
We are producing this ‘Digital Competency’ page as parents and carers are an important part of this development. Please follow the links below.

For advice and guidance on online safety from a variety of sources.
For resources and links for parents and carers on all aspects of your childs use of technologies from Hwb, which is used by all schools in Wales.

To read about the recent visit of the Portfield ‘Tech Team’ to the Senedd in Cardiff, click on the logo for the Internet Safety competition, below.