Multi-Agency Support

Professionals who work with us at Portfield School


Staff work closely with a number of professionals who advise us on strategies to use to support children where appropriate. All professionals working with children on site are encouraged to work with the children in their classroom or other familiar environments such as classroom, sensory room, hydrotherapy pool etc. whenever possible.

Professionals include:-

School Physiotherapist Team: Gina McNamara, Tamara O’Leary.

Visiting Community Paediatric Physiotherapy professionals: Nikki Cornish, Helen Evans, Jess Apperley, Alison Tudor, Anita-Harries Jones & Sally Owen.

School Occupational Therapist: Aveline Woolf.

Visiting Community Paediatric Occupational Therapists: Laura Bailie, Diane Lewis, Melanie Ferrier.

School Councillor:  Dean Scourfield

Senior Speech & Language Therapist: Miss Sara John

Teacher for the Visually Impaired: Jill Jones
Teacher for the Hearing Impaired: Catherine Scott
Educational Psychologist: Lucy Harrold
Specialist Community Children’s Nurses: Anne-Marie Llewellyn, Jess Voros
School Nurse: Jayne Philips
Medical consultants: Dr Jaye Singhe

Wheelchair Services: Alan McAlpine, ALAC
Whizzkidz: Mike Santoro
Careers Wales West: Helen James
CAHMS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
SENSE: Janet Hughes
Mobility Officer: Tracey Martin

Statutory Transport: Matthew Johns
Specialist Therapeutic Team: Kevin Lewis
Sports Tuition: Bob Nelson (football), Angela Miles/Dan Field (disability sports)
Assembly speaker: Rev Hugh John Wilson
Staff Development: PRP Training

Outreach Support


Portfield School provides outreach support to pupils with severe learning difficulties in mainstream schools around Pembrokeshire. Some examples of support:-

  • Planning with teachers to provide opportunities for pupils to participate in activities using switch activated equipment.
  • arranging and delivering training e.g. PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).