Inclement Weather/Emergency Closures

School Emergency Plan

{e.g. in the event of Severe Weather/Fire/Bomb Threat}


Situations when it may become necessary to close the school may include bad road conditions, failure of water supply or failure of the school’s heating system. It is the Headteacher’s responsibility to decide whether the school can open, or should close early, in the light of prevailing circumstances.

The school will continue to operate whenever possible providing, of course, that children and staff are not exposed to unacceptable conditions at school or on their way to and from school. We will not send children home simply because we cannot offer a full service. We understand the worry and inconvenience which can be caused by early closure.

In the event of severe weather e.g. heavy snowfall in the county (even if it is not falling in your immediate vicinity) it may be necessary for your child to come home as the severe weather may be unpredictable and localised.

Should conditions be such that it does become necessary to close the school, parents will be informed by:

Schoop Message, and

• Pupils will be sent home.

We ask parents to help us to combat emergencies in several ways:

• Keep us informed of where we can safely send your children if we have to close early.

• Provide us with an emergency contact where we can reach you at all times.

• Please do not ring the school during emergencies so that telephone lines may be kept free for vital calls.


N.B. If School is to be closed:

  1. We will send out a direct Schoop Message to your mobile phone.
  2. Announcements and updates can be found on Pembrokeshire County Council’s website.
  3. We will publish up to date information on our school website homepage and on our Portfield School Facebook page.


Please also listen to Radio Pembrokeshire for information.