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Healthy Schools Award

Portfield School has been awarded the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools National Quality Award this term for the third time.


The report stated:

“Portfield Special School is an outstanding health promoting school. The Health Promoting Schools ethos is evident across the whole school population it runs seamlessly throughout everything that the school does, health behaviours are embedded into the life of the school.  The introduction of new initiatives and the further development of previous work undertaken is impressive, this report can only capture some of the work undertaken.

Congratulations to Portfield Special School for all your hard work in a successful 3rd  reassessment of the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award.”


Congratulations to all the pupils, families and staff for promoting healthy lives.


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Having previously achieved the Healthy Schools Award, we have been working hard towards the Welsh Assembly NAHPS Award (National Award for Health Promoting Schools) and are delighted to announce that we have become one of the first Special Schools in Wales to achieve this prestigious Award. A whole school approach has been implemented and the school Well Being Committee plans for whole school action, with meetings taking place regularly with the Healthy School Co-ordinator.  The award recognises 7 health topics that should be covered throughout a school’s involvement in the scheme:

  • Food and Fitness
  • Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being
  • Personal Development and Relationships
  • Substance Use and Misuse
  • Environment
  • Safety and Hygiene




Our Healthy Living Guide for Pupils:

healthy living for pupils