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To begin, a little message from our Speech and Language Team:

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BLANK Levels and Questions Video

Below is a video explaining how we can use questions to check and develop children’s understanding of language. These different questions are called BLANK levels and they range from really simple questions (level 1) to complex questions they require verbal reasoning (level 4).


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Speech and Language Therapy Activities

Questions / BLANK Levels Related to Above Video


Resource What to do


·       Open this link.  It’s a poster with examples of questions that you can ask your child at each of the 4 BLANK levels.

·       Start with BLANK level 1 questions (easier) and work up to BLANK level 4 questions (complex / abstract).



·       Any picture books that you have at home.


·        Here are some lovely examples:


The Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo, Rumble in the Jungle, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, What the ladybird heard, Dear Zoo, Room on the Broom



·       Read the story to your child or look at all of the picture together.

·       Ask a variety of questions from BLANK level 1 to BLANK level 4 using the pictures on the book as a prompt.

·       Make a note of the type of questions your child is able to understand.

·       Afterwards, stick to asking questions based on the BLANK level that your child comfortably understands.  For example, if they understand BLANK level 1 questions only, do not expect them to be understanding “why” questions (BLANK level 4).



·       Youtube videos based on children’s books.  Here are some good examples:



·       Watch the animated stories with your child.

·       When you have finished watching them, talk to your child about the story, what did they like / not like, what do they remember, who was in the story etc…..

·       Re-start the video, pausing at key points.  Talk about what you can see on the screen and ask some relevant questions based on your BLANK level question sheet.



·       Log onto this website following this link.

·       You may need to register as a parent to access the free resources.

·       Choose the resources that match your child’s BLANK level and follow the instructions on the pack.

Receptive Language

Top tips to help children to understand language.

Advice and guidance from our Speech and Language Therapist.




Speech and Language Therapy

Receptive language / comprehension activities


Resource What to do


·       Log on to the website using this link.

·       Look at the list of free resources and choose one of interest to you.

·       Choose one sign to focus on and introduce the sing throughout the day alongside spoken language.


·       Log onto this website and read the document on objects of reference.

·       Choose one activity that you carry out with your child each day e.g. food / snack / bath / bed / story.

·       Choose an item to represent an activity.

·       Show the object to your child and tell them what is happening next e.g.object = “flannel” show the object and say “bath time.”


·       Here is a link that talks about sensory play.

·       Choose some objects that target your child’s senses: taste / touch / smell / taste / sight.

·       Model words alongside these.


·       Log on to the website.

·       You may need to register for these resources as a parent. They’re all currently free.

·       Choose an activity pack and print it off or open it up on your laptop or tablet.

·       Ask your child instructions. Remember to: break the instruction up into smaller chunks of information if needed, use sign / gesture.


·       As above.


·       As above.


·       As above.

Using Intensive Interaction

What is Intensive Interaction all about?

Please take a moment to watch the video of Claire telling us all we need to know about Intensive Interaction.





Using the following links you will find some useful further information in relation to the above video:




Story Book Apps:








Excellent Advice: Adult-Child Interactive Strategies

Some Useful Links and Material


Why Play matters?

Tip Sheet for Parents – Why play is important

Intensive Interaction


check out the videos below of ideas for Intensive Interaction:

Sensory play:


Treasure baskets:


Slime, foam and paint play:

Messy play ideas – Find messy play activities for you and your child


TACPAC- (pack 5 being given for free at the moment!):


Story massage:



Board Games:

Recommended Example Board Games from Argos – click above!



Best Board Games For Speech Therapy And Communication Development

Role play/imaginative play:


Play with objects:

Playing with cardboard boxes: 2-6 years


Playing with balls: activities 3-6 years



General ideas:


Message about Play from Claire, our Speech and Language Therapist

Please take a moment to watch our Speech and Language Therapist Claire talking about play.

Some great ideas for using things that you can find at home to create play opportunities.

We hope that you are all finding time to play.



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