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The Family Information Service

The Family Information Service provide information, advice and support to families in Pembrokeshire, along with information about what’s on in the County, help with childcare, funding and lots more.
Pembrokeshire Family Information Service December 21 Newsletter – English version {click on the image below}:
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LAST CHANCE TO ORDER Portfield School Shopping Bags!!!!


Please can all orders be in by 01/12/2021.

Bags cost £5 and you can send the money into school with your child




The Chicken Whisperer of Portfield School!


Puffin Class have had lots of fun making Rice Crispy cakes


Wishing this wonderful young man from Newgale Class

A Very Happy 18th Birthday (25th November 2021)!


Nolton Class have been getting arty and crafty….


 An ‘Egg’-Citing Discovery!

Newgale class have had a very ‘egg’-citing start to the day!

When the students went to let the chickens out, they found an egg!!
We have given it to Marloes class to use in their cookery….


Happy Birthday Connor!

Portfield would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Connor in Solva Class who is 19 today (25th November)!


Lots and Lots of Jelly Pots!

On Tuesday 23rd November, Broadhaven Class have been smelling, feeling, squashing, crunching and making! Jelly and cereal pots!




Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’ Fresh West Bay!!!!”

Thank you to Outer Reef Surf School for the fantastic surf lessons!

Pease click on the picture below to take you to the website  to see some of our surfing stars!….

Some Solva pupils had a great time at Norman Industries

on Monday 22nd November doing Christmas craft….


School Photo Day Reminder!

Just a reminder that the School Photographer will be visiting tomorrow-24th November

to take pictures of pupils in all of our classes, including our satellite units!


Congratulations to Akhil!!

Congratulations to Akhil on taking part in a gym competition over the weekend (20th November 2021)!

He won 3 gold medals and a trophy for his excellent performance!

Well Done Akhil!




At Portfield School!


Puffin Class had lots of fun for Children in Need!….

Pupils in Y Porth celebrated Children in Need by baking!….

Don’t their entries for the Portfield Bake Off competition look delicious?



Marloes class enjoying Children in Need activities!….




Starfish Class had a wonderful day dressing up, painting  and having a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’!….




Children in Need 2021 Bake Off!

There has been cake, cake and more cake this Children in Need day in the
Portfield Bake Off! Some amazing entries which the Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies have enjoyed judging with Anne-Marie.

Well done to all that entered today, 1st place was Newgale Class and 2nd place was Marloes. It was a very tough competition. 


There were some fab entries from Newgale for our Portfield Bake Off for Children in Need!


 Wow! Newgale Class have been absolute superstars and danced all day for Children in Need


Bright new community space opens in the centre of Haverfordwest

{Click on the picture above to read the article}




Nolton Class Tie-Dye T-Shirts

{Nolton Class have been busy making tie-dye T-shirts}



Contact Parent Partnership if you are interested in attending their next face-to-face workshop “Managing Behaviours.”
This workshop will support parents to explore a range of strategies that will to help children to manage their own behaviours and build their resilience as well as looking at the behaviour as communicating and expressing a feeling….




Portfield School Elections

We have had our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputies and Prefects elections. We are pleased to announce that after campaigning, manifestos and voting our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Prefects have been appointed for 2021-22!

Well done to you all!!





Portfield is going ‘Dotty and Spotty’ on Friday 19th November for Children in Need!



We are asking for a £1 donation please and pupils can come dressed in their favourite fancy dress, party clothes or uniform – whatever they feel comfortable in. All donations will be placed in a raffle draw for the chance to win some Pudsey Bears. It plans to be a fun packed day – thank you to everyone for their support!



School Photographer Visit

The School Photographer will be coming to take individual photos

on Wednesday 24th November 2021


Lest We Forget

Portfield’s Remembrance Day Activities:


coquelicot gif poppy flower - PicMix


We took part in the ‘Act of Remembrance’ in Haverfordwest on Remembrance Day.

Some amazing craft has been displayed in school this week….

Pupils in Solva enjoyed looking at Mr Evans’ army medals….

In option day for Art, the students made a soldier in the sunset using pastels.

Haven’t they done a fantastic job?!

They’ve also been creating a poppy wreath….




Pupils enjoying work experience at Norman Industries….









Nolton Class’ – ‘FAB FIREWORKS

Da iawn Nolton!

Your firework biscuits look fab!


May be an image of food, indoor and text that says "Nolton 0° Class Firework Biscuits PIC.COLLAGE COLLAGE"


Nolton Class ‘Getting Crafty’


Nolton Class have been ‘getting crafty’ during Options on Thursday!


No photo description available.


Newgale Class’ – ‘5th November Fun’!


 Newgale class had lots of fun on 5th November making edible sparklers!


May be an image of 12 people and indoor


Occupational Therapy Week

It’s Occupational Therapy Week 2021 and we would like to say a huge thank you to all the OT’s at Portfield who do such a great job with our children.

Da iawn!

May be an image of tree and text that says ""I can't do the things want and need to do" Piglet said. "Then I'll teach you." Pooh replied, "And if can't then I'll change the world around you to make it easier." #OTWeek2021 #OTsForEquity @keirwales @KeirHardingOT"



3 Psychologists and A Wannabe!

We’re forever grateful to all the health professionals who support us at Portfield, providing endless guidance, knowledge and expertise to ensure our pupils have the best education and school experience possible. These three wonderful psychologists (on the right) joined our deputy head at our new Preschool in Pennar today. A delightful visit and great to see the fab team and children at PPP!


May be an image of 4 people and people standing



My Many Coloured Days


Y Porth pupils have been expressing their feelings through colour.

They looked at the story “My Many Coloured Days” by Dr Seuss and this inspired them to create their own colour boards to show their emotions.

May be an image of child and sitting


May be an image of text



This month is AAC Awareness month.


 What is AAC? What does AAC stand for??

Take a look….

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "What is AAC? AAC stands for augmentative and alternative communication It refers to tools and strategies that can enhance speech or provide a completely different means of communication. AAC can be aided (ie., using a tool) or unaided (i.e.. no tool needed), such as sign language or gestures. The truth is we all use some AAC. We text. type. write and use gestures. Additional tools, such as communication devices, books or apps, can provide a means of communication for individuals who are unable to speak or for whom speech is not always their primary mode, AAC"

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Multimodal Communication Value all forms of communication! Speech & Vocalizations Robust AAC Systems Pictures& Choice Boards d-Tech Devices Respect how your learner chooses to communicate. Acknowledge what they have expressed and model the mode you want to teach. Hand Writing Typing Gestures Body Language AAC Facial Expression Sign Language Texting"

The use of AAC at Portfield

Please meet some of our pupils and see how they use AAC every day at Portfield School and also outside of school with family and friends.


May be an image of child

May be an image of 1 person, indoor and text that says "I luse my communication device to com chat with my friends 1 1 +"

May be an image of child, sitting, indoor and text that says "luse my eye to tell people gaze news of the day my"

May be an image of 1 person

May be an image of one or more people and text that says "The Goal of AAC: Autonomous Communication "Being able to say what I want to say, to whoever I want to say it to, whenever I want to say it, however| choose to say it." AAC COAGH -Gayle Porter Speech-Language Pathologist Developer of PODD"



May be an image of 1 person and text that says "National Lambeth Autistic Branch Society Free online workshops Social Stories Fri 22 Oct 2021: 10 12pm Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Wed 17 Nov 2021: 10 12pm Coping with Anxiety Wed 8 Dec 2021: 10- 12pm Lynn McCann is an autism specialist teacher, trainer author who set up Reachout ASC over seven years ago. With a dynamic team which includes autistic adults, neurodiversities and mothers of autistic children in providing first class provision. They provide support in schools and train teachers, parents and care providers in many aspects of autism support. Storles hatExplain ROn More details:"



Scarecrow Treasure Hunt!


We have had a lot of fun this Autumn making scarecrows and completing our very own scarecrow treasure hunt as the scarecrows had each lost something around school! Take a look at the video below of the fun we’ve had! Wishing you all a Happy Harvest and a great week off!….



Portfield Lower School Harvest Message 2021

Click on the picture below to take you to the video!



Dosbarth Solva visited the pumpkin patch at Good Hook Farm!

Thursday 21st October 2021


Thank you Good Hook for your generosity. The students had a fantastic morning.

They were given a snack, a drink and a lucky bag as well as a pumpkin and had a chance to meet the cows and calves too!


May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of outdoors

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Halloween Fun in Broad Haven Class!








Portfield School Great British Bake Off!!

The Great British Bake Off is very popular at Portfield School!
In true Bake Off style Solva Class held their own pavlova competition.
It was a very close contest and our judge Mr Evans was impressed by all entries however the Star Baker award was given to Steffan.
Da iawn Steffan


May be an image of one or more people and indoor


Harvest is on on it’s way

This year we will be collecting for Patch Food Bank and also for the Trussle Trust Food Bank.
We will be collecting non-perishable food items from Monday 4th October 2021. If you would like to donate please send items into school.
Many thanks in advance for all your support!

May be an image of footwear and text that says "HARVEST COLLECTION"



Shwmae Rock Trail

Owen has recently been on the Shwmae Rock trail. He has been around Pembrokeshire looking for Shwmae Sir Benfro stones. Welsh characters Seren and Sbarc have hidden them in certain locations. Owen did a great job finding them!



Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere – so much fun!


May be an image of 2 people and text that says "great fun Starfish class had gorgeous today pumpkins very kindly exploring by Good donated to by Hook and class Huge thank arranged your Sharon .COLLAGE"



Congratulations to our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Group!

A massive congratulations to our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Group who completed their expedition at the end of September. They walked in beautiful sunshine on day one from St Bride’s to Dale. The group camped in the wind and rain but slept right through! Day 2 was a mixture of rain, wind and cloud. Typical Pembrokeshire weather! However, they proved how worthy they were to pass the expedition section of the Award with their team work and map reading. This now means they have also gained their full Bronze Award! So proud of you all!

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and sky



Carers, don’t miss this great opportunity!


A free well-being retreat day, organised just for unpaid carers.


If you are caring for a relative or friend with health issues, disabilities, age related concerns etc, then you are eligible for a well deserved retreat day – you don’t need to be a full time carer, you could be helping part time with day to day living such as shopping or housework.

This FREE event will be delivered at various community venues for you to enjoy in person, or alternatively, on-line via Zoom, for you to enjoy without leaving home.

Each day will include gentle yoga, breath work to reduce anxiety, self-message for relaxation and a calming craft or meditation session. Dates and locations are as follows:


26th October in Login,

9th November in Cardigan,

14th November in Login,

21st November in Carmarthen,

11th Jan 2022 in Crundale,

Jan18th January 2022 in Login,

1st February 2022 in Login,

6th March 2022 in Login.


If there isn’t a day planned in your area, we will arrange one if there are at least six people interested.

If you, or anyone you know could benefit, please get in touch for more information or to reserve a place: or call Shirley on 07891 504090.

Thank you.



Solva Surf-Tastic!

Solva Class had a fantastic day surfing yesterday (Tuesday 12th October 2021)

What an amazing day catching waves!

May be an image of 4 people, beach, ocean and text that says "SOLVA SURFERS PIC.COLLAGE"


Portfield Aromatherapy Sessions

Pupils in Puffin Class enjoyed aromatherapy.

Big thanks to Penny Smith for preparing individual scents and cloths and running the sessions.

May be an image of one or more people and indoor


Inclusion Support are running workshops for parents/carers

May be an image of one or more people

May be an image of one or more people and text


Elklan Level 3 Accreditation!

Congratulations to Rachel, Zoe, Jess, Leah and Derrin on achieving the Elklan Accreditation at Level 3!

Well done on all of your hard work!

May be an image of 5 people


Thanks to Marc for donating this drift car to Starfish class.
It went down very well! 

May be an image of child and outdoors


Happy 18th Birthday Emma!


We would like to wish this Super Surfer Emma a wonderful 18th Birthday! The celebrations have been in full flow today for another 18th Birthday in Sixth Form! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

May be an image of 1 person


Letter From Welsh Governerment to Parents & Carers


Harvest is on on it’s way!

May be an image of footwear and text that says "HARVEST COLLECTION"

This year we will be collecting for Patch Food Bank and also for the Trussle Trust Food Bank.
We will be collecting non-perishable food items from Monday 4th October 2021.

If you would like to donate please send items into school.
Many thanks in advance for all your support!


May be an image of text that says "ind on Facebook"

No photo description available.

If you are in Haverfordwest during the week, please pop into our school charity shop.

Some of our students have been very busy in the shop today and they have created a wonderful Harvest themed window display!!




Newgale Class SURFTASTIC!

Despite the torrential rain, Newgale Class had a fantastic time surfing today at Freshwater West.

A huge thank you to Outer Reef Surf School the students enjoyed every second!

May be an image of one or more people and ocean



Great Big Green Week

This week Solva class have been very busy litter picking and planting bulbs today for the ‘Great Big Green Week’.

Well done Solva!

May be an image of 5 people, people standing and outdoors

















Welcome Back! – News From September 2021


News up until July 2021




INSET DAY reminder for parents & carers:

There are two INSET days on Monday and Tuesday 4th & 5th January 2021.
The school will be closed to pupils on these days.
We look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on Wednesday 6th January.


This is our new Schools Meals Menu for January-March 2021.

When we return on Wednesday 6th January the menu for that day will be changed to Pork Sausage/Glamorgan Sausage, mashed potato, carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding & gravy. Pudding will be Muffin.



Upper school pupils getting in on the Christmas techno dance action! Merry Christmas all!! 



Lower school pupils Christmas dance party video! Merry Christmas All!!




We have had so much fun leading up to Christmas ~ here is Broad Haven Class having a great time before we broke up!

Day 19 – Count Down to Christmas!!

There has been so much festive fun going on!

 Count Down to Christmas – Day 18!

Puffin Class would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – they have been getting ready for Christmas and having lots of fun along the way!


Day 11 of Count Down to Christmas!

Lots of fun in Upper and Lower School today Starfish class had a visit from a Christmas turkey and Nolton class have been busy making marmalade! Yum


Please see the press release below.
More information will come from us tomorrow as to how this will look in Portfield and how we will continue to offer support to our pupils. Please bear with us as this information has just been shared with the school this evening. Thank you for your ongoing support.

PCC Newsroom

Council leaders to allow schools to move to distance learning

COUNCIL leaders in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion are allowing schools across the region to move to distance learning in the run-up to Christmas.

It follows a meeting between the Association of Directors of Education and Welsh Local Government Association representatives with the Education Minister Kirsty Williams this afternoon (Thursday, December 10) in which she announced that all secondary schools and colleges move to online learning from Monday, December 14 as part of a ‘national effort to reduce transmission of coronavirus’.

However, due to rapidly increasing coronavirus cases within the Hywel Dda footprint area, all three councils have decided on a regional approach.

Carmarthenshire council is allowing all primary and special schools the choice to move to distance learning or remain open from Tuesday, December 15.

However, in Ceredigion all primary and special schools will move to distance learning from Tuesday, December 15.

 In Pembrokeshire, all primaries will move to distance learning from Tuesday, December 15.

Council leaders are concerned the situation will only get worse in the coming week if no action is taken and have made the decision in the best interest of staff, pupils and their families.

The rising number of cases in the community is having a significant effect on staff and pupils having to self-isolate, leading to major staffing issues within schools as well as putting considerable pressure on the Test Trace Protect teams.

All local authorities are working closely with headteachers and Chairs of Governors to ensure this has as little impact as possible on children’s learning.

Families with children eligible for free school meals will receive payment to cover the days they are learning from home.

Carmarthenshire County Council Leader Cllr Emlyn Dole said: “We are extremely concerned about how quickly the virus is spreading in our communities, and unfortunately this is having a significant impact on our schools.

“We have already seen some schools having to close, not because coronavirus is circulating there but because so many staff are having to self-isolate.

“Our schools have worked hard to provide a safe environment; the problem is not in our schools but in the community, where people are mixing with each other causing the virus to spread easily.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision, but we want to make sure pupils and staff can enjoy Christmas with their families. I cannot emphasise enough though how important it is that pupils stay at home and carry on with the work set by their teachers and do not mix with other households, otherwise all this will be for nothing, and the virus will continue to spread exponentially.”

Ceredigion County Council Leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn said “We all recognise the hard work of school staff during the year and in meeting the challenges that the coronavirus has brought, whilst at the same time continuing to deliver high quality teaching, face to face or remotely. We also recognise that our pupils have had to adapt to the new ways of working.


“However, now is the time to ensure the health and safety of our pupils and staff in the lead up to Christmas and closing schools for face to face teaching will enable families to limit contact with people they do not live with leading up to Christmas. The risk of catching coronavirus is reduced when we limit how much contact we have with others – these days will give families that opportunity so that they can see loved ones over the festive period.”

Pembrokeshire County Council Leader Cllr David Simpson said: “This has been a difficult decision to take but one that we hope parents and carers can understand.


“Coronavirus is spreading across our communities and we see the impact every day with increasing numbers of classes and year groups having to self-isolate.

“It is important to emphasise that this is not an extended Christmas holiday. Pupils should not be mixing with other households – just like adults should not be mixing with other households.

“It’s up to all of us to do our bit to fight coronavirus.”



 Yum, Yum Christmas dinner!


Christmas Countdown Continues!

Count Down to Christmas Day 9 – Christmas dinner day! We’ve had a lovely day with a beautiful Christmas dinner cooked by our fabulous catering team. We also had a visit from an Elf and a Cracker – lots of fun and smiles for everyone! Christmas is most certainly on its way!





Huge congratulations to Bleddyn Gibbs and Justin Head!


Selected as finalists by the @sportpembs selection panel for the 2020 Pembrokeshire Sports Awards.
All @sawcymru and @spwlc are extremely proud of you both. Congratulations!
Bleddyn Gibbs


Bleddyn – Junior Disability Sport Award Finalist
Justin – Coach of the Year Award finalist
@welshweightlift @britishwl @disability_sport_wales @specialolympicswestwales @specialolympicsgb @gogapembs @si_roach @bleddyngibbs @steff_gibbs.02 @hhvcschool



National Museum of Wales

Father Christmas and Friends

The National Museum Wales are hosting a wonderful event where families can enjoy Christmas festivities in the comfort of their own homes through a virtual event.
Please click the link to take a look at what they are up to – all activities are available in English, Welsh and British Sign Language.
{Click on Father Christmas above to take you to the website}



The perfect way to end the day after school!


Our pupils have created this amazing tea towel!


Flyers were sent home with all pupils Monday 16th November.

Please don’t forget to return your completed order form with payment by Fri 27th November 2020.





{Click above picture to take you to the website}





This is our updated Portfield School Winter Menu 2020-2021




Please see the following information from Mr Hewitt regarding returning to school after half term Autumn 2020:

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you have managed to keep safe during the Half term and our subsequent lockdown.
I know these our testing times for all of us and it is through our sense of community that we will eventually get through this.
Thank you for your messages of support and we have truly appreciated your kind words. I can confirm that the school will re-open as usual on Monday 2nd November. This will also be the case for our satellite classes in Haverfordwest High and Y Porth, Preseli.
Transport has been made aware and their service will resume.I am sure you will welcome the opportunity for the children and students to return to a sense of normality. We will maintain a strong focus on well being to ensure all our pupils can come back feeling, safe, secure and confident. If you have any concerns please contact your child’s class teacher.I am well aware that some of you might be nervous about returning, that too is a natural response, and again if you want to talk things through please contact us.I am looking to our return and building on what has been a really positive Autumn Term.
Portfield is a joyous place and I feel incredibly lucky to lead such a wonderful team of adults and pupils.
Thanks again and see you soon,


Kind regards


Damian Hewitt




Aided Language Stimulation

It sounds so complicated?!

It’s not complicated in fact it’s super easy, take a minute to watch the video below

helping your young person can be as easy as just showing them and modelling what to do!  



What are communicative functions?

Please watch the video below to find out ways to help children to communicate more efficiently.


Thank you for all that has been sent in so far

For Harvest we will be having a collection of dried and tinned food that we will be donating to The Trussle Trust Food Bank. Food banks are in greater demand than ever this year therefore we asking for donations from Monday 5th October of dried and tinned food that will be donated and available in Pembrokeshire food banks. Thank you very much for your continued support.


Inclusion Support Information



Sense Charity Information

Sense charity aims to help everyone living with complex needs communicate and experience the world. Please take a moment to visit the Sense website and look at the information on total communication.
If you are looking for specific information there is an option to contact them for further advice and support.


{Please click above to take you to the website}


Please take a moment to visit the Sense website below, to see how AAC can support people to live independently and help with communication and day-to-day living.

{Please click above to take you to the website}



An introduction to Augmentative & Alternative Communication

click play below to view the video





October is International AAC Awareness month. The goal of this is to raise awareness of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and to inform the public about the many different ways people communicate using AAC.

This month we will be sharing information with you regarding AAC and we’re starting the month with ‘What is AAC?’, please share some of our posts this month and let’s get people talking about AAC this October.




Please see the information below that we have been sent through from Pembrokeshire LA regarding what to do if your child is unwell or displaying symptoms of corona virus:



Friday 18th September is Jeans for Genes day.

Pupils are invited to wear jeans to school and to donate £1 to the Jeans for Genes charity.


School Uniform

{click above to take you to the Portfield uniform ordering page}


All uniforms can be ordered online from T’s R Us a click and collect service is available from the New Hedges shop (Telephone Number 01834 845216).
Uniform can also be ordered form School Trends and the link is available on the Portfield School Website and by clicking here or on the image above.
If your child is attending the Portfield School Satellite Class at Haverfordwest the uniform required is Haverfordwest High Uniform, this can be purchased from T’S R Us or from Matthew’s Shop in Haverfordwest.



A Big Thank You for All Your Support!

Thank you for all of the support in helping pupils return to school this first week. It has been lovely to start the transition process and we are looking forward to next week and seeing more of our pupils.
Next week school will be returning to the normal start and finish times.
Drop off will be 8:45 a.m on ALL sites.
Pick up:
3:10 at The Haverfordwest High Satellite Classes
3:15 at Portfield Upper and Lower School
A Schoop was sent out to parents and carers yesterday with this info, if you are having problems with Schoop or you are not signed up for it please get in touch with your young persons class teacher.



‘Phased’ Return to School for pupils

We’re looking forward to seeing our first pupils back on September 3rd with a phased return.
Just a reminder to parents that are transporting their children to school drop off times are as follows:
Drop off 9:15 a.m.
Pick up time 2:45 p.m.
Please can we remind parents to stay in their cars with their young person and staff will meet you.
We are looking forward to seeing you all and pupils returning safely to school over the coming weeks.


Parent Partnership News

The Parent Partnership Service is hosting another Virtual Parent Network Group meeting. The aim this time is to give parents an opportunity to discuss and share their ideas on preparing their children for returning to school and the new school year.
Please book your slot as soon as possible as these sessions are a great opportunity to meet other people and share thoughts.





Welcome Back Autumn Term 2020!

Please see the following safety information regarding returning to school.


Summertime Activities



Letter To Parents Carers and Family Members

{Click on the letter below to download full-size version}




Safety Leaflet for Parents and Carers

re: Return To School September 2020

{Click on the Leaflet below to download full-size version}





Letter from Portfield Vice Chair of Governors

on behalf of the Governing Body for Portfield School….




Message From Head, Mr P Hughes

Regarding Return to School in September

Dear Parent and Carers,

You will be aware that Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary, has announced plans for the return to school in September. We are waiting further guidance from the Welsh Government and we are working closely with the local authority to put in place our plans to meet the expectations on the school. As soon as we have finalised our plans we will share them with you all.

I would like to thank everyone for your cooperation with our plan for Check in, Catch up and Prepare. We have had a very successful two weeks. The children who have attended have enjoyed being back at school and we have enjoyed seeing them back as well.

The school will continue to send out information via SCHOOP, our Facebook page and our website. Please ensure that you look out for further updates over the coming days.

Yours sincerely

Paul Hughes


Portfield Special School



Please see information below regarding Key Worker childcare provision

{Click on the picture below to take you to the website}




Curriculum and Assessment Bill for Wales Overview

Please take a moment to watch the video on the new curriculum arrangements for all learners aged 3 to 16.

Click below to take you to the website.



Sensory Integration Education

Please take a moment to read the newsletter from Sensory Integration Education. There are some very interesting articles regarding understanding sensory processing, supporting picky eaters, deep pressure, improving visual processing and more. This newsletter is worth a read…

{click on the above to take you to the website}


Working with children with behaviors that challenge can be very tricky, but there are a few things to remember…


Thank you to everyone for supporting us this week and making sure that it was a smooth and safe start for pupils that have returned to school – you have all really helped us in following guidance that we have sent out and we really appreciate this.
It has been lovely to see so many of our pupils returning with huge smiles on their faces and ready to learn.

We are looking forward to seeing next weeks groups of learners and if you are in any doubt how things will look or what we will be doing then please visit the ‘Working From Home’ section of our school website where you can see videos of how school will look, explanations of when we might wear PPE and also what staff will look like wearing this – it’s been very useful for pupils to see all of this before they return.

Well done to all those who are completing working from home activities and uploading photos to J2e – we have enjoyed seeing what you are all doing.

We are delighted to be back open as a school and we look forward to seeing more of you over the coming weeks.


Important Message re: School Phone Systems

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to a need to complete essential work on our communication systems at the school. We will not be able to use our landline telephone system after 12.30 pm on THURSDAY 2nd JULY 2020.

To ensure that you are able to communicate with the school should you need to, I have listed the school emergency mobile number below.

07816 527 330

We anticipate that the school phone system will be back in service by late afternoon.

Yours sincerely

Paul Hughes


A reminder for parents and carers regarding returning to school….

We can’t wait to see you all but please just have a quick read:



Parent Partnership Service Update

The Parent Partnership Service has continued to offer support, information and advice to parents/carers throughout lockdown, and are now also endeavoring to support parents as we proceed into the ‘new normal.’

The Parent Partnership will be hosting their first online Parent Network Group meeting, the theme reflects the Welsh Government’s objective in re-opening schools for pupils to: “check in, catch-up and prepare for summer and September.” The Parent Partnership would like Pembrokeshire’s parents/carers to also have an opportunity to “check in and catch-up” through this online meeting.

Please see further details in the posters attached.



We have had the following message from Kerry from The National Deaf Children’s Society:

I hope you are well and staying safe in these difficult times.

With our face to face visits being on hold for the moment, we have been looking at ways that we can continue to provide a service for professional that work with or support deaf children and young people and we are excited to let you know that we are offering a range of free online information and advice sessions

During these live sessions, you’ll be able to:

learn more about supporting deaf children and young people, particularly during the current COVID-19 situation

join discussions with other professionals

ask questions to our experts

The first of these sessions will be held on Friday 3 July at 4 – 5pm, and we will be joined by our Head of Policy and Influencing for Wales, Debbie Thomas.

Due to COVID-19, there have been huge changes to how children are educated. In this session, Debbie will be giving an overview of the national picture in Wales.

This will cover:

– what we know about the current support available for deaf children in Wales – in particular, the impact on children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs

– our policy response and advice for professionals

– the implications for deaf children in Wales with plans for the autumn term.

You can register for your free place on this webinar here…/4715925…/WN_lj_l87pmS2WQ9Q2rw2rHmA or for more information, visit the website here:…/webinars-for-professionals-suppo…/

As always, please do let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pass the invitation on to any colleagues who you think might be interested in attending.

Kind regards



Staff Putting on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

 When children return to school they might see adults wearing PPE. Adults will only be wearing this sometimes but we would like to show you what this will look like as it is different to what pupils will have seen before. Please watch this short video with your child in preparation for them returning to school.

{press play an video below and then double-tap to watch fullscreen}



Notice From Transport Service

Transport have been working very hard to try to arrange routes for as many pupils as require it. It is very difficult in the current circumstances. They have asked us to inform parents that their children may have to be transported on different routes with different staff/vehicles during this very difficult period. This is unavoidable, but Transport wanted to give parents time to prepare the children for this, or to make alternative arrangements. If you decide as a result of this that you DO NOT now want your child to travel on transport please inform Portfield School by 12pm on Friday 19th June.

Notice from Len Mullins, Press & Public Relations Manager

re: School Transport


Len Mullins

01437 775387

18th June 2020




Parents and carers are being urged to travel with their children to and from school when education resumes in Pembrokeshire on Monday, 29th June.

Guidance issued by Welsh Government also encourages families to use ‘active travel’ wherever possible.

It recommends that school transport should only be used when parents have no other means of transport.

The request is being made because the limited capacity on school transport provision – due to social distancing requirements – should be made available for those children unable to attend school without it.

Bus timetables will run as normal. If there are any changes the relevant parents will be informed.


Those parents and carers utilising private transport are also asked to park away from school entrances so as not to infringe on social distancing.

Families should ensure that they comply with the current advice on face coverings and should check their school website for the timings for their child’s individual learning sessions.

Links to each school’s website can be obtained via this County Council webpage:


For further information contact: Len Mullins, Press and Public Relations Manager, on 01437 775387. The Council’s press releases are also available on the Authority’s website:


Soundabout Early Years

Soundabout today at 2p.m – this is a great session to join, please take go to the Soundabout page and familiarise yourself with how to join at 2 p.m. click below to take you to there:


Please see attached a letter regarding transport.

We will be sending a form out via Schoop that will need to be returned by Monday 15th June.

If you are not on Schoop we will be contacting you via phone.


Refugee Week 2020

Refugee Week 15th – 21st June 2020.

Join to celebrate the contributions of refugees. Here are 6 ways you can get involved:

{Click above to take you to the webpage}



Latest Information From LA re: Corona Virus June 2020


{Please click on the bouncy balls above to take you to the website}


This is a great resource for children who we would like to get vocalising more. It’s a visual resource that can be put onto iPads, tablets or phones and can be used to encourage pupils to vocalise. As pupils vocalise the balls bounce, and to make it even more fun the balls can be changed to emojis eyeballs or bubbles.
And if you have youngsters that are vocalising too much (shouting and being noisy) you could use it as a way of positively encouraging quiet time.


Information From Tees R Us Regarding Uniform Supplies.

{click on the image above to take you to to the Portfield School ordering page}

COVID-19 Update – Secondary School Uniform Shipping from 12th June.

First of all, we would like to thank everybody for your continued support and understanding throughout these uncertain times, and we hope that you are all keeping well.
Stores & Online Ordering

Following government guidelines, our stores in Pembroke Dock & Haverfordwest will remain closed this summer with our New Hedges store fully operational for production as normal.

Due to social distancing measures, our stores will not cope with the usual ‘Back to School’ demand and we are potentially expecting a 1 in 1 out system and very long queues. Unfortunately due to the current Government Legislation, pupils are no longer allowed to try garments on, and this is another factor we have to take into consideration along with possible quarantine measures.

We would like to take this opporunity to announce that ALL Secondary Schools we supply are now available online for parents to order with home delivery and a Click & Collect service available from our New Hedges Store the safest option. Primary Schools will be added, and we anticipate these to be online within the next 7 days.

Due to both stores being closed, we are expecting an exceptionally large volume of web orders this summer. Can we please ask you to help us flatten the ‘Back to School’ curve, by ordering online as soon as possible. This will give us the best chance to make sure all children have their uniform in time for the return in September.

Please allow up to 14 days for items to be delivered safely.

Cut off date for September uniform order will be the 31st July.

We’re here to help as much as possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out via email with any questions.

You can also reach us on our dedicated School Uniform Order Number – 01834 845253, should you have any queries.

Thank you all for your patience & support during this difficult time.

Kind Regards,

Rory O’Hanlon & Family…/haverfordwest-high-vc-school-b…/


‘Multimodal’ Communication

We often talk about ‘Total Communication’, this is also known as ‘Multimodal Communication’.

Providing different ways to communicate is vital to supporting effective communication.




New counselling service for children and young people

A new online and telephone counselling service for young people aged 10 to 19 is now available from the School Counselling Service – Pembrokeshire. To find out more about the service, obtain referral forms and request promotional materials please email:


‘Real PE at Home’ – Free School and Parental resource

‘Real PE’ at home is a FREE resource, including an online programme, which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme for children in Early Years and Foundation Phase with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun activity and learning. For children in Key Stage 2, there are carefully selected personal best challenges, skills and games designed for the home and garden.

Both programmes are fully supported with intuitive, daily and weekly guidance in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities. Even more video, audio, imagery and interactive elements content will be added over the next couple of weeks too. All schools can sign up to ‘real PE’ at home for FREE during school closures. To sign up for FREE, simply complete the form here.


 Active Learning for PMLD & Complex Needs

This is a whole series of sessions aimed at youngsters with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Complex Needs.
These sessions are based on ‘Active Learning’ a concept developed by Lili Nielsen. These sessions are very easy to follow and they encourage pupils to get involved and most importantly to be as independent as possible in their learning.

 {click play below}



Online Attention Autism Training

Please take a look at the website below, this is a great opportunity for training.

{Click on the picture above to take you to the website}




Weekly virtual youth clubs for young people aged 11+

Pembrokeshire Youth’s Community Team are running a number of weekly virtual youth clubs for young people aged 11+. Youth workers are facilitating a wide range of activities to engage young people and encourage active participation. Activities include quizzes, home based scavenger hunts, Lockdown Olympics, baking competitions, virtual walk of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and weekly challenges to promote health and well-being.

For further information please contact Liz Griffiths: or phone 07990781360



A message was sent out regarding shielding letters to all parents/carers via Schoop on Friday 6th June. Please can everyone make sure that they reply to this message, there is a form that can be completed and returned. If you are struggling with Schoop or you are not yet signed up to it, please phone into Portfield Reception to discuss. Thank you.



Rainbows are leading the way to Portfield School!

Rainbows are leading the way to Portfield School.

These rainbows have been made by pupils of Portfield School with the help of our wonderful caretaker staff.
These rainbows are wishing everyone a brighter tomorrow during this time.



Penguin ‘Dream Big’

Get your free Puffin Festival of Big Dreams event kit – there’s lots going on between 8th – 14th June.

{Please click on the picture above to take you to the website}


Portfield in Bloom!

Pupils who attend the Portfield hub have been busy making flowers of all different shapes and sizes. We have created a curtain of flowers – the flower show decorating reception is beautiful!


Design to Smile Programme Update

Please see the update below from Designed to Smile the tooth brushing programme that takes place in schools.


English Version


Welsh Version:


Letter to parents/carers from Mr P Hughes Regarding the Current School Situation


We hope that you are all having a lovely half term and enjoying the sunshine.


Oily Cart Group for Families

Jo Grace has shared the following message from her Face Book page, Jo has visited Portfield School and met with staff at her training several times over the years. Please see the following message as this is a great opportunity for many of our families and learners…..

Oily Cart have a new group for families. They are looking for members who have a young person who relates to the world in a sensory way. They will be offering lots of sensory activities and ideas that can be done at home, as well as sign posting to different resources and organisations and being bit of a support network. Please pass this link onto anyone you think might be interested, from anywhere in the world:

{Please click above to take you to the FB page}



Please take a moment to watch this message from Kirsty Williams,

Minister for Education for Wales.


A Big Thank You to Our Nursing Staff

Portfield School sent some lovely messages to thank Anne-Marie and Jess and all the staff working at Withybush helping everyone to be well.

We have had a lovely message through this evening from our wonderful Community Children’s Nurses who under normal circumstances would be with us at Portfield most of the week…..

Hello all,
Thank you so much to the pupils at Portfield School for the fantastic pictures to brighten up our office! We love them!!

Thank you Anne-Marie and Jess, we can’t wait until things are back to normal and you are both back with us at school – stay safe and well in all you do.



The Kindness Project: Span Arts Club

We have had the following information through and been asked to share it with parents and families at Portfield School.
Your young people and their families are being invited to be part of a new project that has been launched in response to the current public health crisis. The Kindness Project: Show it Share It.

Please see details below which describe the project, and how to get involved.

If you are happy to go ahead, we would be grateful if you could send the information by email to the children’s parents /guardians, ideally before half-term.

The Span Arts Clwb Digi Cares project is funded by West Wales is Kind Fund, from the West Wales Care Partnership and is closely linked to the Connect to Kindness Campaign for Pembrokeshire, which Wyndham Williams Community Connector Plus, Pembrokeshire Development Officer is rolling out regionally.

The Kindness Project : Show it Share It.

A creative project which seeks to digitally connect children and young people with older isolated people in their homes, as well as to people living in Residential Care Homes, to showcase creative ideas to help people feel better.

Span Arts are inviting children, young people and their families to make an instructional video that shows how to make something that spreads a little kindness.

The digital act of kindness can come in many forms all you have to do is think of something you can make that brings happiness. This could be an origami bird, an animation with a special message, or a spaceship made from egg cartons, the list is endless, and it is entirely up to you!

Once you have decided what you want to make, we are asking you to create an instructional video on your phone or tablet of how to make it, your video will be a gift to help someone else feel better.

The act of kindness is in the sharing.

Visit for an Introductory video about the Project or the Span website for more information, and a Permissions Form.

This is a unique opportunity for children and/or young people in Pembrokeshire to be part of a digital creative community which will reach out to people of all ages who are socially isolating, both in the community and in residential settings

{Please click on above to take you to the website}



SCHOOP is the communication system that we use with parents. Please take a moment to read the info below.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who have joined our communication app, Schoop.

Please can you make sure you complete your contact details and the child’s name form so we can allocate it to your account. You can find this in the “My Schoop” section of the APP. Then click on Portfield School and then the pen or pen and paper icon to complete your details.

If you are not receiving notifications:-
Make sure notifications are on.
Go to the settings tab at the bottom right of the screen and renew your subscription.
If that doesn’t work, please either email or call them on 029 2078 297.
Thank you for your continued support.



Aldi’s Home Learning Hub

Take a look at the Aldi website below – there are lots of good ideas and resources for eating a healthy balanced diet, planning balanced diets and getting as active as possible.

{Please click on the image above to take you to the website}



A huge THANK YOU to Clodagh Llewhellin for the lovely delivery of fruit and goodies!


Clodaugh is running online fitness classes with part of the proceeds going towards the delivery of fruit to Key Workers – thank you ever so much Clodagh the deliveries are really appreciated by all.

Please see the information below regarding the fitness sessions – several members of staff have now signed up and can testify that it’s a great workout that is easy to access….



Can you do The 6 Week Challenge?

Please take a look at this challenge – there are lots of prizes to be won.

The website link is below, you can also follow on Face book and Twitter.

{Please click on the above image to take you to the website}


Information regarding Free School Meals in Wales….

{Please click on the above to download the full document}



Here is a great idea from our friends at that you can do at home.

A talking box is easy to put together – no special materials needed, and it is a great starting point for conversations with your child. You can keep it exciting by using different boxes and changing the items regularly. Enjoy!




International Nurse’s Day

12th May 2020 is International Nurses Day – We just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all our Nurses for everything that they do to look after us all and keep us safe. We know how much Nurses up and down the country and all over the world are doing now and always to selflessly look after everyone.
Thank you so very much from everyone at Portfield School #staysafe #internationalnursesday




We keep hearing about how many activities you are all doing – well done and keep up the good work!


Victory in Europe Day – VE Day

Pupils at the Portfield Hub have collaboratively created a piece of art to commemorate VE Day.

Well done to all – it looks amazing hanging in Reception.



With VE Day celebrations taking place tomorrow here are some art ideas that you might like to try. The light up bottles would look lovely on doorsteps and mantle pieces for VE day.
Please remember when making the VE day light up bottles to use a battery operated candle or a torch.



Mr Urdd is celebrating red, white and green day

– join in the fun and help Mr Urdd celebrate.

#cyrmu   #Urdd

{Please click above to download a printable copy}


Spring has sprung! Come and join us for a very special Soundabout LIVE! today when Emma will be singing about buzzy bees




We want to say a BIG Thank you to all our School staff – you are all amazing and have continued to go above and beyond during this very difficult situation. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!



Please follow this link as there have been change to Free School Meals payments.
If you need help with getting this sorted, please phone us at school as we can help you.…/reminder-of-important-ch…

{Please click above to take you to webpage}


Sensory Food Aversion, The Truth About Refusing Textures

↓Please click below for some excellent advice and information↓


{Please click above to take you to the webpage}



Auditory Sensitivity Things to Know

↓Please click below for some excellent advice and information↓

{Please click above to take you to the webpage}



ASD and Sensory Processing Disorder

↓Please click below for some excellent advice and information↓

{Please click on the picture above to take you to the page}


Thinking about early communication then this is great to try….




{Please click on the image above to download the full passport document}


{Please click on the image above to take you to the page}



A great opportunity to find out a bit more about “Core Words”.

Please take a look and sign up for the sessions….

{Please click above to take you to the facebook page}




 Message from Portfield School Staff





Richard Hirstwood is a friend of Portfield School and staff have had several training sessions with him over the years. Please take a moment to have a look at the free online courses, he has so many good ideas, and most of the resources are sensory and aimed at children with multiple learning needs. Take a look…..



{Click above to go to website}



Important Messages from Steven Richards-Downes

(Acting Director for Children and Schools)

Regarding Childcare Arrangements from Next Week onwards

Dear All,

Thank you for all your support in providing childcare to families of critical workers over the course of the last week. I am very much aware that this has been difficult for everyone. I applaud the willingness of all our staff to respond to the crisis we are facing.

From next week will be providing childcare from a series of hubs only. We will be standing the rest of schools down in terms of providing childcare at this time  The full list can be found on the council’s website and families will need to do this via an online booking system or by telephoning the number provided.

We except the families of critical workers to be dropping learners of in most instances on their way to work and those learners being collected by a family member.

Vulnerable learners will also be prioritised and information will be supplied directly to hubs regarding those learners. Please can you work with the headteachers of those hubs by asking your staff to support them over the course of the next couple of weeks. We will need to make sure that by the 20th of April we can man all the hubs from 7-6 with two daily shifts in each.

For the next couple of days I will be working directly with the hubs to make sure that they are functioning fully next week. If you have staff who can support for next week please can you email and she will organise the staffing of the hubs for me. Please email Katherine this week by 12pm Friday 27th March

I thank you all and your staff for continuing to work with our learners at this very difficult time.

Please can you all replicate the statement from the council website on your own school website. I attach the draft statement here. The final statement will have the details for bookings. Please find the email address below. Please do not use this email address for anything other than childcare bookings. Telephone number  01437776350. Please pass on the details to parents as soon as you are able to.



Annwyl bawb,

Diolch am eich cefnogaeth i ddarparu gofal plant i deuluoedd gweithwyr critigol yn ystod yr wythnos ddiwethaf. Rwy’n ymwybodol iawn bod hyn wedi bod yn anodd i bawb. Yr wyf yn cymeradwyo parodrwydd pob un o’n staff i ymateb i’r argyfwng yr ydym yn ei wynebu.

O’r wythnos nesaf, byddwn yn darparu gofal plant o gyfres o ganolfannau yn unig. Byddwn yn sefyll gweddill yr ysgolion o ran darparu gofal plant ar yr adeg hon gellir gweld y rhestr lawn ar wefan y cyngor a bydd angen i deuluoedd wneud hyn drwy system archebu ar-lein neu drwy ffonio’r Rhif a ddarperir.

Rydym ni, heblaw am deuluoedd gweithwyr critigol, yn gollwng dysgwyr o’r rhan fwyaf o achosion ar eu ffordd i’r gwaith a’r dysgwyr hynny sy’n cael eu casglu gan aelod o’r teulu.

Bydd dysgwyr sy’n agored i niwed hefyd yn cael blaenoriaeth a bydd gwybodaeth yn cael ei darparu’n uniongyrchol i ganolfannau am y dysgwyr hynny. A fyddech cystal â gweithio gyda phenaethiaid y canolfannau hynny drwy ofyn i’ch staff eu cefnogi yn ystod yr wythnos neu ddwy nesaf. Bydd angen i ni sicrhau y gallwn ni, erbyn yr 20fed o Ebrill, wneud pob un o’r canolbwyntiau o 7-6 gyda dau shifft dyddiol ym mhob un.

Am yr ychydig ddyddiau nesaf, byddaf yn gweithio’n uniongyrchol gyda’r canolbwyntiau i wneud yn siŵr eu bod yn gweithredu’n llawn yr wythnos nesaf. Os oes gennych staff sy’n gallu cefnogi ar gyfer yr wythnos nesaf, anfonwch e-bost i a bydd hi’n trefnu staffio’r canolbwyntiau i mi. Gallwch ebostio’r Katherine tan hanner dydd 27fed Mawrth am yr wythnos hon

Diolch i chi gyd a’ch staff am barhau i weithio gyda’n dysgwyr yn ystod y cyfnod anodd hwn.

A fyddech cystal â chopïo’r datganiad o wefan y Cyngor ar eich gwefan ysgol eich hun. Amgaeaf y datganiad drafft yma. Bydd y manylion ar gyfer archebion yn y datganiad terfynol. Gweler y cyfeiriad e-bost isod. Peidiwch â defnyddio’r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn ar gyfer unrhyw beth ar wahân i archebion gofal plant. Rhif ffôn 01437776350. A fyddech cystal â throsglwyddo’r manylion i’r rhieni cyn gynted ag y byddwch yn gallu.






Acting Director for Children and Schools

Cyfarwyddwr Dros Dro Plant Ac Ysgolion

Children & Schools Directorate / Cyfarwyddiaeth Dros Blant Ac Ysgolion

Pembrokeshire County Council / Cyngor Sir Penfro

Telephone/ Ffon: 01437 775350





20200326: Pembrokeshire County Council Childcare arrangements


Pembrokeshire County Council Childcare arrangements


Pembrokeshire County Council is introducing a Childcare hub-based model for critical workers and the families of vulnerable learners.


The move follows the UK Government’s restrictions placed on movement this week and the need for greater social distancing measures.


From 30 March 2020, Childcare will only be available to eligible critical workers and at specific locations within the county.


Places must be booked online – and children from vulnerable families will be contacted by a key worker and offered places.


Each setting will be open from 8:00am to 4:00pm until 20 April, after which time all settings will be open from 7:00am – 6:00pm. The online Childcare booking applications will be processed centrally on a weekly basis.


There will be no option to turn up without a confirmed booking as most critical workers will know their shifts in advance.


The advice remains to stay at home wherever possible in order to maintain social distancing.


Each setting will have a maximum number of places.


Children 3 -11 can attend the primary settings below:

Pembroke Dock:



Tenby VC:


Milford Haven Community Primary meads site:


Glannau Gwaun:

Y Frenni:


Special Settings for pupils who currently attend those settings:

Portfield for Special Pupils



The demand for secondary places has been low and learners aged 11-14 can attend the settings below:






For children 0-3 childcare is payable and operates from the following settings:

Happy Days Milford

Playdays Fishguard

Tiny Treasures at Tenby VC.

Golden Manor Pembroke

Jolly Jumpers Haverfordwest

ABC Haverfordwest

Withybush Hospital Day Nursery Haverfordwest.



Important Message from Steven Richards-Downes

Regarding Free School Meals


Good Afternoon All,

The provision for the  free school meals will remain the same as it is for tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday All families who have free school meals will have received vouchers from Tesco in the post or electronically for Free School Meals.  After Tuesday meals will only be provided for those learners who are in hubs and present for childcare.

Please can you ensure that your schools remain open until Tuesday for access to Kitchens for free school meals and to those people from James White’s teams who will be delivering meals to those in isolation and shielding.


Prynhawn Pawb

Bydd y ddarpariaeth ar gyfer prydau ysgol am ddim yn aros yn ddigyfnewid ar gyfer yfory, dydd Llun a dydd Mawrth. O ddydd Mercher bydd pob teulu sy’n cael prydau ysgol am ddim wedi cael talebau gan Tesco yn y post neu’n electronig i gael prydau ysgol am ddim.  Ar ôl dydd Mawrth, dim ond ar gyfer y dysgwyr hynny sydd mewn canolfannau ac yn bresennol ar gyfer gofal plant y darperir prydau.

A fyddech cystal â sicrhau bod eich ysgolion yn aros ar agor tan ddydd Mawrth i gael mynediad i geginau ar gyfer prydau ysgol am ddim ac i’r bobl hynny o dimau James White a fydd yn darparu prydau bwyd i’r rhai sy’n eu hynysu ac yn eu cysgodi.



Acting Director for Children and Schools

Cyfarwyddwr Dros Dro Plant Ac Ysgolion

Children & Schools Directorate / Cyfarwyddiaeth Dros Blant Ac Ysgolion

Pembrokeshire County Council / Cyngor Sir Penfro

Telephone/ Ffon: 01437 775350





Everyone at Parent Zone hopes you are well. We wish you all the best whether you’re working from home, awaiting school closures or self-isolating.

As an organisation our focus has always been on helping families flourish in a connected world. Our task seems particularly relevant right now.

For the next few weeks (possibly months), families will be stuck at home. Children and teenagers will inevitably turn to the digital world for entertainment and escapism as well as for learning and staying in touch.

That offers tremendous opportunities for innovation and creativity, but inevitably new levels of risk.

We want to do everything we can to support our community – and one of the most practical and immediate things we can do is to offer a free three-month Parent Zone membership to all schools and organisations that work with families.

Parent Zone member resources

We want to help you support the parents you work with and membership is packed with ways in which you can do that.

We know parents turn to schools for help when things happen online and that won’t be as easy for them for a while – but schools can still provide support through membership.

Membership gives you access to a wealth of resources you can share with families to help them be more digitally resilient.

The Digital Schools Members’ Area includes free access to an online advice and learning hub for your school’s parents, plus a range of resources for teachers including lesson plans, policy documents, training videos, classroom posters and briefings. “The vast array of resources is benefitting the pupils, older students and their parents whilst enabling staff to stay up-to-date with current trends in the technology world,” says one of our members.

The Digital Resilience Members’ Area offers an extensive selection of resources to assist local authorities, youth workers and family professionals in helping families stay safe online.

The Parent Lounge is our specialist area that your parents can access, packed full of resources to help families boost children’s digital resilience, and keep them safe online. This includes our groundbreaking Parenting in the Digital Age and Resilient Families online courses as well as access to our expert Helpline.

We’ll be adding lots of content specially for members, to help families cope with self-isolation, with plenty of practical advice on how to navigate and make the most of our increased reliance on digital platforms and communication.

We’ll also continue (of course) to publish articles on Parent Info, our free service providing support and guidance on a range of subjects on schools’ own websites, and on the Parent Zone website.

How to access the Parent Zone Members’ Area

Click here then choose either Digital Schools or Digital Resilience. Click the Add to cart button then complete the membership form.

On the payment screen, you’ll see a box labelled Coupon code, into which you can enter your free three-month membership code: Free219June for Digital Schools and Free-19June for Digital Resilience. Please enter the code and click the ‘add coupon’ button.

When returning to the Members’ Area in future, simply login by clicking here or following the details on the Parent Zone homepage, then enter your login details.

Forgotten your details? Don’t worry – you can email or call us on 0207 686 7225 with any membership questions.

We’ll continue to update you regularly about the great new resources we’ll be publishing and would welcome suggestions as to what content might be most useful for you at this time.

Become a Parent Zone member for FREE

Team PZ





{click to go there!}


Letter from Lee Day re: schools opening:




Mother’s Day Event Cancelled

Friday 20th March 2020.
Just to let everyone know that we are having to cancel this event on Friday.


Hearing Bus Cancelled

We are sorry to say that this has now been cancelled due to advice that we have been given.


Hearing Bus Visit

The Hearing Bus is coming to Portfield School. Please see the information regarding the Hearing Bus. You will need to book and this will be done on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Sam Harries for further details….



Wellness Wednesday

3 Ways to Create a Heart Shape in Adobe Illustrator - Every-Tuesday

Please take a look at the link below – looking at after yourself and being aware has to be top priority.…/Wellness-Wednesday-Lles-…


{click the above image to read the information}

Please take a moment to have a look at the details of the new curriculum that is currently being implemented in Wales and changing the way that young people are learning.…/016a7…/a-new-curriculum-in-wales.pdf


{Please take a look at the link above to find out what is on in your area}



CoronaVirus Update for Schools

Image result for welsh government


[The above letter was issues by the Head of HWH}

Please see the following links for guidance and updates on Corona Virus for schools….







Very interesting information about how a traumatic event can affect someone’s mental health.…

{click to take you to website}


Please see details of a parent/carer workshop on Specific Learning Differences (SPLD).

This is a great opportunity to gain more information about SPLD.


Autism Wellbeing CIC Survey


Autism Wellbeing CIC are asking autistic people and parents of autistic children to tell us about the sort of services they would like us to provide.

If you are autistic or the parent of an autistic child and would like to take part in our survey, we would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to our survey, there are ten questions, it shouldn’t take you more than five or six minutes to complete:

Thank you for your support with our survey.




Attention All Fans!

Image result for Scarlets rugbyImage result for dragons rugby

We have a family set of tickets (4) available for the Scarlets v. Dragons match on Saturday 28th March 2020 at 3pm at Parc Y Scarlets. We will be holding a draw for the tickets, if you would like to be entered into the draw please let Sarah (U/S Reception) know by Friday 7th February (pop a note in the home-school book or call Reception). Many thanks

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦Related image

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly donated Lego for our pupils use. It has been amazing to have such great donations and a special thank you to Mr & Mrs Cavanagh and to Tina Curtis for huge donations. We use Lego to help teach communication skills and to help pupils to manage their emotions so it is a really valuable addition to our equipment supply. Thank you!



Careers Wales are moving to a new web site

Please have a look as there is a lot of useful information for pupils, parents and carers. will be decommissioned the week commencing 27th January 2020, they will be switching over to the new site

The new website has improved design, content and navigation as well as working across all devices. There will also be some changes to content and resources that will affect schools.

Visit our website to familiarise yourself with these changes.


Lego Donations


We are looking for donations of Lego.

If anyone has any Lego they would like to donate to Portfield School it would be very much appreciated.


Parent Partnership Information


Tysorau’s Guess The Amount of Sweets Winner

The winner of Guess the Sweets was Eleri Edwards from Y Porth Satellite Class.

Eleri correctly guessed that there was 157 sweets in the container.

Well done Eleri, we hope you enjoy your sweets.


Merry Christmas All!

Enjoy your holidays! There is an inset day on Monday 6th January 2020 and pupils return to school on Tuesday 7th January 2020



Christmas Tree Bid


These are our Upper and Lower School Reception area Christmas trees.

{Upper School’s 7ft Real Tree}
{Lower School’s 6ft Real Tree}

They are both real trees and if anyone would like one or both of them we accepting bids. The highest bidder will be able to collect their tree on Friday 20th December…… And just to say both trees are beautifully full trees and have not dropped.

Please share as these would be lovely in any home and all money raised will go straight to Portfield School Funds……HAPPY BIDDING!!!


Happy Birthday Trysorau!


Our School Charity Shop Trysorau enjoyed its 3rd Birthday over the weekend. Thank you to The Friend’s of Portfield School and everyone who supports the Charity Shop in Haverfordwest, it is only made possible by the continued support from everyone who volunteers and donates.
Trysorau is a wonderful asset to Portfield School, our older pupils enjoy working in the shop and develop a range of skills that will support them in future workplaces.
Thank you!


Trysorau’s ‘Guess How Many Sweets!’

£1 per go – Winner takes all
To be Drawn on 14th December – our 3rd Birthday in Trysorau Charity Shop
Pop in on your way round town!!



With Christmas fast approaching it is important to remember that not everyone enjoys it. Here are 12 tips that might help families to have an autism-friendly Christmas. Please feel free to share as some of these tips might help friends and family to understand how to be more ASC friendly.


Always a lovely evening please come along!



No photo description available.

Our grand total for Children in Need is £184.13!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting us in raising money for Children in Need


Roll up, roll up!

This week in our Charity Shop pupils have been busy sorting, pricing and displaying Christmas gifts.

We also have Christmas jumpers for sale – but be quick as they are selling fast!!!!!!


Just some of the things that are on sale at our Charity Shop in Haverfordwest….




Thank you to everyone who sent money in for Children in Need.

We had a fantastic day with lots of fun across school.

So far we have raised £166.00 and the money is still coming in…. Final total to follow…

Well done and as always thank you for your support!




School Photos Reminder

Image result for old camera

Please return any outstanding photo order forms to school tomorrow (20/10/19) as they will be posted that afternoon.

Online orders can be made after this date. Thank you. 


Additional Learning Needs Transformation


Please take a minute to read through this document, this is an overview of the Additional Needs Transformation.

{click to open document}

This will hopefully help in explaining the changes that are underway.



Charity Shop Window Display

for Children in Need

Related image

Please pop into Trysorau Charity Shop in Haverfordwest.

This week the window has been dressed by Nolton Class ready for Children in Need!


Always a lovely evening please come along….



Image result for we're supporting children in need

Children In Need is Friday 15th November- pupils are welcome to wear non-uniform and bring a donation of £1.

There will activities in classes.

As always if pupils want to continue wearing there normal uniform that’s also fine with us!

Related image


School Photos Reminder

Image result for old camera

Just a reminder that order form for school photos has to be in to School by Friday 14th November.
You will still be able to order photos online after this date – Thank you.



Portfield School had very special visitors on Tuesday 12th November 2019!

One of our Sixth Formers has completed a piece of writing to let you know who came to visit our school!

Take a look at the following piece of work ‘A Visit from The Director’:


Portfield Charity Shop

Remembrance Day Display


Please pop into our Charity Shop Trysorau – in Haverfordwest.

Last week the window in the shop was dressed by pupils from Nolton Class and Y-Porth our Satellite Class at Preseli School. The window was dressed in preparation for Remembrance Sunday.


Related image

With the Estyn School Inspection approaching we are offering parents and carers the opportunity to come into school to complete the Estyn questionnaire in confidence. Computers and refreshments will be available as well as any support necessary in accessing the questionnaire.
The following times are available for cares and parents to drop in:
Monday 4th November 10 am – 2 pm
Tuesday 5th November 10 am – 2 pm
Thursday 7th November 10 am – 2 pm

We look forward to seeing you.




Estyn is inspecting us on 18th November 2019 and they want parents’ views and carers’ views. Please share yours in confidence at:…/pages/ParentLogin.aspx… by November 7th 2019.

You are also invited to meet the inspectors at the school at 5.00 pm on 18th November 2019 to give your views.


Please click above to check out the updates on our safety page for parents and carers.


Harvest Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated food for our Harvest Collection. All items have been collected by The Trussle Trust and they will be distributed in their food banks across the county over the coming weeks. Thank you ever so much your donations will make a difference to families in Pembrokeshire!


School Photographer Visit

Image result for old camera

Reminder – The school photographer will be in school on Friday 25th October to take individual photos. (Backup date for photos is 5th November).

If you have more than one child in school and would like sibling photos please notify your children’s classes.



A fantastic opportunity for our +16 year olds….



Estyn Inspection Survey

Please can as many of our parents and carers as possible take time to look at the following link and respond.

Pembrokeshire LA would like your views on how well schools and youth services are supported.


Students from Portfield School performed “Much ado about nothing” at the Torch Theatre as part of the Shakespeare School’s Festival on Thursday 10th October.

The cast worked extremely hard during rehearsals and gave the performance their all. Their hard work and dedication paid off with an outstanding performance for which we have received some great reviews. The cast members were praised for their great behaviour at the Theatre and are all a real credit to Portfield School!

Many thanks to all the cast and to our Teacher Director Mrs Jenkins and her staff Mr Morgan, Mr Evans, Mrs Simmons and Miss Rowland for coaching and supporting the students to such a successful night.

Really well done to all.

Caroline Ball

(Deputy Headteacher)


Protecting Your Information Video

Please take a moment to watch the video below:

It is all about the information that school holds on your young person and why we need to collect this information.


Charity Shop Halloween Window

Image result for spider crawling .gif

The students have been busy decorating the window for Halloween.

They have done a fabulous job choosing and displaying the outfits.


Independent Living Skills

Thinking of Pembrokeshire College for your young adult post Portfield?

Please take a look at this video below for some of the things that go on.

Look carefully as you might spot some of our past pupils!




Harvest Festival Food Collection

We will be collecting tinned and dried food for Harvest.

We will be collecting for the Trussle Trust food bank.

Please could you send all donations into Portfield School ready for our Harvest table.

Image result for harvest food collection


Thank you to the Fair that is visiting Haverfordwest for donating

tickets to all of the pupils of Portfield School.



Image result for macmillan cancer support thank you

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Macmillan coffee morning last Friday

You helped us to raise a fantastic £103.





Macmillan Coffee Morning


Friday 27th September 2019 10:00 – 11:30am  at Portfield School.

Please join us to raise money for a wonderful cause!

Any donations of cakes are most welcome!



Parent Carer Workshops


Jeans for Genes Day

It’s Jeans for Genes this Friday, pupils are invited to wear their jeans and donate £1.

All proceeds will be donated to the Jeans for Genes charity.

As always if your young person does not want to wear jeans for any reason then we completely understand – normal school uniform will be fine.


We’re collecting stickers for kit, if you could help us collect that would be great.

Please send any Aldi kit stickers in to Portfield a School.


Parents Evening

Letters and info will be sent out in the next day or so.

Please fill in and return to school as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at parents evening.

Lower School – Tuesday 17th September 2019
Upper School – Wednesday 18th September 2019


We have had the following information from The Sports Disability Officer for Pembrokeshire. They have just launched a Sport and Physical Activity Consultation Survey to try and identify the gaps of inclusive sport in Pembrokeshire. Please could you take a minute to have a look and complete the survey – also if you could share this post that would be great.

Sport Pembrokeshire Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Consultation
This is your opportunity to help shape disability and inclusive sport locally. We would love to hear your views and find out the best way to;
• Highlight what we currently have on offer
• Develop new, appropriate opportunities
• Identify and remove any barriers
Alternative formats of this form are available on request from
To access the survey please click on the link above


To access more news from further back please click below: