ALN Process & Statutory Reform

Changes to Additional Learning Needs

(English Version)

Changes to Additional Learning Needs

{Welsh Version}

Please refer to the following links for information in regards to the ALN Processes and Statutory Reform:

  1. Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Transformation – V2
  2. Disagreement: Resolution and Complaints Advice
  3. Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  4. Person-Centred Planning (PCP) and what it means
  5. PCP ‘Postcards’ – Guide for Parents and Carers
  6. The right to request the Local Authority reconsiders a decision about an IDP or ALN
  7. How the ‘Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act’ affects Parents and Carers
  8. Appeals and Applications to the Education Tribunal for Wales

Further Information:

  1. ALN – Frequently Asked Questions
  2. ALN Transformation Programme
  3. Nurturing Programme Information Leaflet
  4. Parent Partnership Information Leaflet