The Governing Body



Mrs Samantha Lawrence – Chair/Parent Governor

Rev. Hugh-John Wilson – Vice Chair/Community Governor

Mrs Linda Llewellyn – Voluntary Representative

Cllr Tim Evans – Local Authority

Cllr Thomas Tudor – Local Authority

Mr Roy Barker – Community Governor

Mr Andy Anderton – Parent Governor

Mrs Hayley Wilkinson – Teacher Governor

Miss Sam Harries – Staff Governor



From time to time, vacancies occur for parent representatives on the Governing Body. Any parent of a pupil registered at the school is eligible to stand as a candidate. All parents of children at the school have the opportunity to participate in the election if one is deemed necessary. The election will take the form of a secret ballot and parents are able to vote returning the ballot paper to school in a sealed envelope marked ‘voting paper’, with a pupil or by post. The LEA will make the necessary arrangements for the election. Arrangements are made for the election of parent governors one school term before a parent governor’s term of office expires, or on receipt of a resignation. Information about parent elections is sent to parents via pupil post.

The Governing Body has the collective and legal responsibility for the overall direction of the school and its strategic management. This includes the effective financial management of the school’s delegated budget and the responsibility for ensuring that the school’s financial resources are utilised in support of improving learner outcomes in the most effective and efficient way.