6 Areas of Learning and Experience (AOLEs)

♦  Language, Literacy and Communication

(includes Welsh)

♦  Mathematics and Numeracy


♦  Science & Technology

(includes DT & ICT)

♦  Humanities

(includes History & Geography)

♦  Health and Wellbeing

(includes Religious Education, Personal & Social Development (PSD), Physical Education)

♦  Expressive Arts

(includes music and art)


Welsh Language at Portfield is taught in context and through a scheme of work which builds up pupils’ knowledge of vocabulary and sentence patterns. 

Pupils are provided with a range of teaching approaches to enhance knowledge and undertanding i.e. interactive whiteboard, role play, audio tapes etc. 

Great emphasis is placed on speaking and listening to enable pupils to have a good working knowledge of the language. 

Phrase of the Week
Every week we learn a new Welsh phrase e.g. ‘faint ydy dy oed di?’ – how old are you? This is reinforced in classes throughout the week.


Termly Planning

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Enriched Curriculum




The benefits of hydrotherapy are that the buoyancy of water can be used to both facilitate joint movement and resist movements for strengthening of muscles. It gives pupils with physical difficulties the opportunity to explore their environment as the effects of buoyancy makes their movements much easier.
Physiotherapy in the water also relieves pain, muscle spasm, and improves circulation and balance, coordination and posture.


Rebound Therapy

– The use of trampolines to provide therapeutic exercise.

Rebound therapy facilitates movement and balance, it also improves muscle tone and tolerance to exercise may be improved. Rebound therapy also promotes sensory integration and facilitates communication skills.


Aromatherapy and Massage

We have trained staff to provide this service, giving children the opportunity for deep relaxation. Our home programme can also help children to relax at bedtimes. Parents can contact the school for more information.


Horse Riding

The Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) volunteer to provide weekly horse-riding sessions for some pupils in the Primary Department.
Therapeutic horse-riding experiences gives pupils the opportunity to:

♦  improve positive muscle tone
♦  develop fine and gross motor skills
♦  develop self-confidence
♦  develop speech and language
♦  develop riding skills

Young Enterprise

Each year our mini enterprise project develops a new company and product for the Enterprise Fair in Haverfordwest Riverside Market in June. This has involved sourcing plants and pots and planting up colourful baskets and planters and making garden ornaments for sale.


Fruit and Veg Co-op

The Fruit and Vegetable co-operative is now run by Upper 2. Each week the students collect orders for bags of fruit, vegetables or salad from staff across the whole school, take payments and then go shopping .
On Thursdays, pupils in Upper 2 have to weigh and sort a wide variety of produce into the recyclable bags before delivering to their customers.


Digital Competency ‘Digital Pioneers’


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